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General annotation
Gene namefabD
Rv numberRv2243
FunctionCatalyzes malonyl-CoA-ACP transacylase (MCAT) activity using holo-ACPM as substrate for transacylation [catalytic activity: malonyl-CoA + [acyl-carrier protein] = CoA + malonyl-[acyl-carrier protein]].
ProductMalonyl CoA-acyl carrier protein transacylase FabD (malonyl CoA:ACPM acyltransferase) (MCT)
CommentsRv2243, (MTCY427.24), len: 302 aa. FabD (alternate gene name: mtFabD), malonyl CoA-acyl carrier protein transacylase (see citations below), highly similar to e.g. A57356 acyl-CoA carrier protein malonyltransferase from Streptomyces coelicolor (316 aa), FASTA score: opt: 955, E(): 0, (52.6% identity in 304 aa overlap); FABD_HAEIN|P43712 malonyl CoA-acyl carrier protein transacylase from Haemophilus influenzae, FASTA score: (30.5% identity in 308 aa overlap); and FABD_ECOLI|P25715 from Escherichia coli, FASTA score: (31.4% identity in 309 aa overlap). Identified as a substrate for proteasomal degradation (See Pearce et al., 2006).
Molecular mass (Da)30756.1
Isoelectric point4.5962
Gene length (bp)909
Protein length302
Location (kb)2516.79

Functional categorylipid metabolism

ProteomicsIdentified by mass spectrometry in M. tuberculosis H37Rv-infected guinea pig lungs at 30 days but not 90 days (See Kruh et al., 2010).
TranscriptomemRNA identified by DNA microarray analysis (gene induced by isoniazid (INH) or ethionamide treatment) (see Wilson et al., 1999). mRNA also identified by other microarray analysis and real-time RT-PCR; transcription up-repressed at low pH in vitro conditions, which may mimic an environmental signal encountered by phagocytosed bacteria (see Fisher et al., 2002). DNA microarrays show increased expression in M. tuberculosis H37Rv in BALB/c mice compared to SCID mice, after 21 days of infection (See Talaat et al., 2004).
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Protein sequence in FASTA format
>M. tuberculosis H37Rv|Rv2243|fabD
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Genomic sequence

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Structural information
Protein Data Bank2QC3 2QJ3

Enzyme Classification2.3.1.39
Gene Ontology[acyl-carrier-protein] S-malonyltransferase activity
fatty acid biosynthetic process
M. bovisMb2267
M. lepraeML1653
M. marinumMMAR_3336
M. smegmatisMSMEG_4325
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Interacting Drugs/Compounds
TDR TargetsRv2243
Drug Resistance MutationsIsoniazid

Expression Data

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