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General annotation
Gene namemdh
Rv numberRv1240
FunctionInvolved in the conversion of malate to oxaloacetate [catalytic activity: (S)-malate + NAD+ = oxaloacetate + NADH].
ProductProbable malate dehydrogenase Mdh
CommentsRv1240, (MTV006.12), len: 329 aa. Probable mdh, Malate dehydrogenase. Most similar to P50917|MDH_MYCLE malate dehydrogenase from Mycobacterium leprae (329 aa), FASTA scores: opt: 1887, E(): 0, (89.1% identity in 329 aa overlap). Contains PS00068 Malate dehydrogenase active site signature. Belongs to the LDH family. MDH subfamily.
Molecular mass (Da)34289.7
Isoelectric point4.3991
Gene length (bp)990
Protein length329
Location (kb)1383.21

Functional categoryintermediary metabolism and respiration

ProteomicsIdentified by proteomics (See Rosenkrands et al., 2000). Identified in immunodominant fractions of M. tuberculosis H37Rv cytosol using 2D-LPE, 2D-PAGE, and LC-MS or LC-MS/MS (See Covert et al., 2001). Identified in the membrane fraction of M. tuberculosis H37Rv using 1D-SDS-PAGE and uLC-MS/MS (See Gu et al., 2003). Identified in the cytosol of M. tuberculosis H37Rv using 2DLC/MS (See Mawuenyega et al., 2005). Detected by 2-DE and MS in M. tuberculosis H37Rv purified from phagosomes of infected murine bone marrow macrophages but not in H37Rv broth-cultures (See Mattow et al., 2006). Identified by mass spectrometry in Triton X-114 extracts of M. tuberculosis H37Rv (See Malen et al., 2010). Identified by mass spectrometry in the membrane protein fraction and whole cell lysates of M. tuberculosis H37Rv but not the culture filtrate (See de Souza et al., 2011).
Mutationnon essential gene by Himar1-based transposon mutagenesis in H37Rv strain (see Sassetti et al., 2003). Check for mutants available at TARGET website
RegulonPredicted to be in the Cmr|Rv1675c regulon (See Gazdik et al., 2009).


Protein sequence in FASTA format
>M. tuberculosis H37Rv|Rv1240|mdh
Blastp: Pre-computed results
TransMembrane prediction using Hidden Markov Models: TMHMM
Genomic sequence

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Structural information
Protein Data BankNo structure available

Enzyme Classification1.1.1.37
Gene Ontologyglycolysis
tricarboxylic acid cycle
malate metabolic process
L-malate dehydrogenase activity
oxidation reduction
M. bovisMb1272
M. lepraeML1091
M. marinumMMAR_4198
Multiple Sequences Alignment: between orthologs

Interacting Drugs/Compounds
TDR TargetsRv1240

Expression Data

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